The Big Backyard Diffuser – Essential Oils in your hot tub or spa

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on August 27, 2017

Over the past several weeks my husband has been enjoying adding different Young Living essential oils to the hot tub to create an even better soak experience. He typically will start and end his day with a ten to twenty-minute hot tub stay. I saw him one time heading out the door to the hot tub with a bottle of essential oil. I asked what he had, and he showed me a bottle of Sacred Mountain. We had a little discussion about what oils could be used in the hot tub and which ones were off limits. Can’t have him dumping rose oil in the hot tub!

Here are his favorite essential oils to use in the hot tub:

Morning Time – Clarity and Envision

These two oils are his favorite in the morning because he says it helps him start off his day with a focus on his goals for the day.

Evening Time – Sacred Mountain and Surrender

These two oils create for him a spiritually¬†uplifting¬†experience where he can reflect on the day’s events and settle into a peaceful nights rest.

I have joined him in the hot tub to see for myself how the oils did in the “Big Backyard Diffuser”. I was really surprised at how much adding the essential oils improved the experience, and I was impressed with how long the aroma sustained.

My husband has tried several other oils in addition to the ones just mentioned. His report is the four highlighted in this post are ones that last the longest. For example, he tried using the single oils used in Sacred Mountain and found that although they were great (Idaho Blue Spruce, Northern Lights Black Spruce), they didn’t seem to last as long as Sacred Mountain.

Have you ever added a Young Living essential oil to your hot tub?

What oil is your favorite? I’d love to know!


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