Do Essential Oils “Work” ?

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on August 20, 2017

Like you, I started my journey down the road of using essential oils to support health and wellness with this question – Do these oils actually work?

I cannot answer that question for you specifically. I can only share with you ways I know that essential oils have helped me and my family. I had heard people talk about essential oils and the how beneficial they were, but I had never tried them myself. What I can say now after using essential oils for a few years is that yes, the oils do work. Myself, and family use oils every day. I know many people want proof. Keep in mind what works for me, or someone else you know, may not work for you.

Here is an article posted by Dave Asprey who is the author of the Bullet Proof Diet. I like this blog post because of scientific references used by Mr. Aspery to support the efficacy of essential oils.

Here is the link to Mr. Asprey’s blog post


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