It’s not just another bill;

It’s not just another bill

September 3, 2017

When you transfer your everyday household products that purchase every month to a superior Young Living product you are not creating another financial bill. You […]

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The Big Backyard Diffuser – Essential Oils in your hot tub or spa;

The Big Backyard Diffuser – Essential Oils in your hot tub or spa

August 27, 2017

Over the past several weeks my husband has been enjoying adding different Young Living essential oils to the hot tub to create an even better […]

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Do Essential Oils “Work” ?;

Do Essential Oils “Work” ?

August 20, 2017

Like you, I started my journey down the road of using essential oils to support health and wellness with this question – Do these oils […]

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Welcome to my new EO Blog!;

Welcome to my new EO Blog!

I am excited to announce that I will be starting a Blog all about Young Living Essential Oils. I will provide to all my readers […]

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Choosing the Right Diffuser;

Choosing the Right Diffuser

April 14, 2017

So you're ready to start diffusing those amazing essential oils from Young Living? Awesome. Take a glance at this post before you decide on the best diffuser for you.

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10 Essential Oil Tips;

10 Essential Oil Tips

March 7, 2017

Are you new to essential oils? This blog posts gives 10 fun and easy tips to get started infusing oil goodness into your life!

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